Our Mission is to facilitate and expedite trade and investment transactions, identify profitable business opportunities, develop strategic relationships for our clients, establish mutually beneficial partnerships and promote sound economic development initiatives. Our Leaderhip Team is a vital part of achieving success in delivering value to our members and transactional clients. The Leadership Team includes:

Mr. Vuyo T. Dunjwa, Executive Chairman of the Board

Mr. Dunjwa is Executive Chairman of the Board at the Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce where he has been instrumental in the development of a strategic roadmap for the Chamber, establishing economic development strategies and partnerships, fundraising, facilitating key negotiations, directing trade mission delegations, and leading the strategic growth of the organization.

Mr. Dunjwa’s experience includes leadership of sales and distribution organizations in the United States Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic and Caribbean. He has led global finance teams with operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Australia. He has a wealth of experience in turning businesses around, accelerating growth and penetrating emerging markets.

He has led public policy advocacy campaigns for corporate clients with annual revenues in excess of $35 billion and he continues his work in trade and investment advocacy at the Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce.

He sits on the boards of Winning Wealth Services, Advent Business Group and the Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce, where he is Executive Chair.

Mr. Dunjwa is a frequent keynote speaker and advisor on risk management, global insurance, international business development, foreign direct investment, entrepreneurship, management and economic development in Africa. He has presented to such varied audiences as the World Bank, BBC World News, Secretary Clinton’s Global Diaspora Forum, White House Entrepreneurship Forum, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, UPenn, World Trade Center, and more. He has a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Oberlin College with concentrations in Chemistry and Economics.

Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, Co-Founder & President

Dr. Martey-Ochola is co-founder and current president of the Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce. Under her direction the Chamber has run various trade missions into Africa, assisted U.S. company entry into Africa (with increased employment), established reconnaissance missions, and facilitated key business partnerships for member businesses. She has developed strong ties with the public, private and civil societies in multiple African countries and has also established an efficient and reliable network in Eastern and Southern Africa that assists in conducting due diligence and reconnaissance for companies seeking entry into those markets.

Dr. Martey-Ochola has presented at various events that focus on enhancing bilateral trade opportunities in the US and African emerging markets in addition to facilitating meetings between US based business professionals and potential partners. She is a coach for African SME's seeking opportunities in the US market on topics such as Doing Business in the USA, Packaging and Product Entry, Business to Business Communication, Transparency and Communication, and US Business Culture and Expectations. Dr. Martey-Ochola is a partner in Avoglobal Ltd, an infrastructure consulting company.

Dr. Martey-Ochola sits on the advisory board of the Philadelphia based World Health Care Infrastructures, anorganization that partners with countries, NGOs, hospitals, and clinics to establish sustainable health careprovision and health education, especially in the area of HIV/AIDS management. In addition to fundraising, she advises on sustainable and culturally relevant methods of implementing successful HIV/AIDS programming in Africa. She also sits on the board of the Logiri Women's group, of Wimagak village in Kenya, where she plays an integral role in programming, fundraising and linkages with external organizations. Dr. Martey-Ochola has also had extensive experience in Africa working with groups both in the urban and rural areas and has facilitated public-private partnerships between US and African organizations, in addition to coordinating rural youth entrepreneurial activities.

Dr. Martey-Ochola has had a successful career in academe, teaching in the chemistry department at Villanova University. She runs research in the areas of: cancer chemotherapeutics and controlled drug release, isolation of beneficial cancer chemotherapeutics from herbal infusions, impact of cigarette smoke toxicants on normal human lung cells, and the effect of nanoparticles on normal lung cells. Dr. Ochola is a member of the Business Committee of the Philadelphia Mayor's Commission on African and Caribbean Affairs, is on the advisory board of the Center for International Business Education and Research at Temple University's Fox School of Business, and is the senior outreach liaison and advisor for the Great Lakes Region (East Africa) Health and Environmental Affairs division of FirstSource Worldwide.

Ms. Irene Mumbi Njoroge, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Mumbi Njoroge is Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of the Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce.  She has played a critical role in forming and building the Chamber by defining its vision, mission as well as developing and implementing its strategy.  She provides strategic leadership within the areas of operations, branding, web development, mentorship and special projects focused on economic development. Ms. Njoroge has been responsible for developing programming for various key conferences and round tables held in the United States and Africa, focusing on investment in various sectors ranging from Energy and IT infrastructure, policy and mutually beneficial transatlantic trade.  She has led trade missions to Kenya and South Africa and has been instrumental in streamlining operations and developing creative ways of growing and successfully running the Chamber.  

As a Founding Director and President of Advent Business Group Ms. Njoroge co-formulated and is currently successfully manufacturing, marketing and distributing a 100% natural hair care line of products geared towards dry and curly hair types.  She has co-discovered breakthrough technology that infuses the hair shaft with lasting moisture to improve manageability and styling.  She is the recipient of prestigious Chemistry Awards in recognition of leadership in Chemistry from the Massachusetts State College Faculty Union and the American Institute of Chemistry.

Ms. Njoroge has ten years of Information Technology (IT) experience at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) contributing in roles ranging from enterprise architecture, business analysis, change and project management to business analysis and consulting.  She has employed strong skills in stakeholder and customer relationship management, business process improvement and vendor management to deliver: global metrics dashboards, infrastructure change efforts,  specifications for centralized internet web hosting services, global training, funding for business cases to implement IT projects, strategies for mobile computing and more.

In the past, she has practiced as a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist in large trauma 1 teaching hospitals and mobile clinics in Massachusetts, Kansas, Georgia and Pennsylvania.  In her clinical experience she has not only trained new personnel but has also served patients from all walks of life presenting various types of cancer, pulmonary emboli, opportunistic diseases from a positive HIV status or full blown AIDS,  gastric problems, trauma from gun violence, road accidents and many more.

Ms. Njoroge holds a a Masters of Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine Technology from Worcester State University and the University of Massachusetts. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and her key areas of interest include education, health and sustainable economic development and empowerment.  She believes that economic empowerment has a knock on effect on:  the health of a workforce, building empowered and informed voters, sustainably developing economies and the eradication of poverty and many of its associated vices.  She is passionate about economic development and speaks on international trade and investment with Africa.